The world's most advanced facial composite software, EFIT6 uses state-of-the-art AI methods to assist witnesses to create near photo-realistic, colour images of criminal suspects from eyewitness testimony.






E-FIT is the world's premier, feature-based composite system, enabling a trained operator to produce an accurate "type-likeness" of a criminal suspect based upon a description of the facial features.





3D-EFIT has been designed to complement and augment the existing functionality of our facial composite software.  Using 3D-EFIT, life-like 3D models can be easily and rapidly prepared from 2D composite images.





Developed to complement E-FIT, Clothe-IT is a program that allows investigators to create fully clothed, life-like images of offenders.


See Visionmetric's Dr Chris Solomon speak on CNN

Composites increase the performance of identification from line ups. See



Welcome to new EFIT6 customers

  • South Wales and Gwent
  • Northamptonshire 
  • Devon and Cornwall
  • The South African Police Service


We look forward to working with you all.



EFIT6 is Visionmetric's latest software release. It provides all that was good in EFIT-V with a smart and intuitive new interface and a variety of powerful new features. Next UK training course takes place Canterbury, January 8-12 2018. Contact us for details.



Visionmetric at Milipol Exhibition in Paris



  • Facial Identification Training Course: EFIT6, Canterbury, January 8-12 2018