3D EFIT is a very powerful supplement to the EFIT-V and EFIT software. It is easy to use and provides an overall 3D visual impression of the subject.

Create a 3D moving model with or without shoulders

Sculpt the 3D face according to witness description using simple manual control points

Using the 2D image and 2D side profile view.

Subtly transform the face using powerful in-built and carefully labelled morphing tools

Capture and save images from any viewpoint


See Visionmetric's Dr Chris Solomon speak on CNN


Composites increase the performance of identification from line ups. See http://www.jove.com/video/53298/holistic-facial-composite-creation-subsequent-video-line-up



Welcome to new EFIT6 customers

  • South Wales and Gwent
  • Northamptonshire 
  • Devon and Cornwall
  • The South African Police Service


We look forward to working with you all.



EFIT6 is Visionmetric's latest software release. It provides all that was good in EFIT-V with a smart and intuitive new interface and a variety of powerful new features. Next UK training course takes place Canterbury, January 8-12 2018. Contact us for details.



Visionmetric at Milipol Exhibition in Paris



  • Facial Identification Training Course: EFIT6, Canterbury, January 8-12 2018