Traditional composite systems have relied on a ‘cut-and-paste’ method in which features are first described and then selected from databases. Extensive psychological research shows this process of recall and description to be very difficult for typical witnesses. EFIT-V uses an approach that is known to be cognitively superior – our ability to recognise and respond.

EFIT-V presents the witness with groups of computer-generated faces and the basic task of the witness is to make simple decisions of selection and rejection in relation to sequences of faces presented to them. In this way, EFIT-V gradually learns and refines the facial appearance the witness has in mind, progressing to a better and better likeness.

EFIT-V was built on internationally recognized scientific research and uses ground-breaking, artificial intelligence technology developed at the University of Kent. EFIT-V is even effective in those common situations in which witnesses cannot provide good descriptions of the face but know that they would recognise the face if they saw it again.

Many of our customers are so impressed by EFIT-V that they have agreed to be contacted by serious enquirers working in law enforcement.


Announcing EFIT6 FACEbox

EFIT6 FACEbox is the complete face composite solution combining the EFIT6 software with high performance hardware and an exceptional support package into a single system.  It has never been easier to produce accurate and realistic facial composite images.


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EFIT6 FaceBox from Visionmetric



  • Facial Identification Training 2019 Course: EFIT6, Canterbury, September 9th - 13th 2019