EFIT-V operates as the world’s first hybrid facial composite system flexibly combining the best aspects of evolutionary holistic and feature-based methodology. 

  • Guided start mode

The optional guided start mode allows you to make full and immediate use of the witness’s first description and thus begin the evolutionary composite construction from a closer starting point – it is ideal for witnesses who can offer only a partial description of the features.

  • Advanced attributes tool

Make subtle and coarse transformations of facial characteristics through the use of simple, labelled slider controls. Subjective traits such as hostility, health, weight etc can be subtly altered and dozens of specific adjustments to the individual features can each be made by a single control.

  • Thumbs Tool

Using the thumbs tool you may select from typical examples of each feature at any point during the composite construction. They blend seamlessly into the face model allowing you to switch to the evolutionary method at any time.

  • Automatic paint link

EFIT-V can automatically link to the paint program of your choice so that you can export both components and the complete composite image for amendment and then import the altered image back into EFIT-V. This process can be repeated without limit.

  • Dynamic art facility

Create and store flexible artistic overlays for distinctive and realistic effects (broken noses, double chins, stubble etc). They can be used over and over again on any face and stretch naturally as face shape changes.

  • Automatic blending and mixing

Automatically blend characteristics of two or more faces in which the witness recognises similarities.

  • Enhanced databases

13 refined databases covering the broad demographics of Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia and the Americas are now included: White male, White female, Black male, Black female, Indian male, Indian female, South American Male, South American female, Oriental male,  Oriental female, Chinese Male, Middle eastern male, Eastern European male.  Further bespoke databases can be created if required.

  • Comprehensive  accessories

EFIT-V includes a large, carefully chosen collection of nearly 6000 accessories including clothing, beards and moustaches, hats, scarves, jewellery and logos.


Announcing EFIT6 FACEbox

EFIT6 FACEbox is the complete face composite solution combining the EFIT6 software with high performance hardware and an exceptional support package into a single system.  It has never been easier to produce accurate and realistic facial composite images.


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See Visionmetric's Dr Chris Solomon speak on CNN


Composites increase the performance of identification from line ups. See http://www.jove.com/video/53298/holistic-facial-composite-creation-subsequent-video-line-up



Welcome to new EFIT6 customers

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  • The South African Police Service
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We look forward to working with you all.


EFIT6 FaceBox from Visionmetric



  • Facial Identification Training 2019 Course: EFIT6, Canterbury, September 9th - 13th 2019