About EFIT6

EFIT6 is the latest and most advanced version of Visionmetric’s  unique facial composite software. It combines artificial intelligence methods with high image quality to create accurate, fast and highly realistic images of crime suspects.


Built on internationally recognized scientific research, EFIT6 exploits our superior capacity to recognise faces through an interactive search procedure. Eyewitnesses respond to and manipulate faces as a whole and are not restricted to attempts to describe and select individual features from databases, a process used in other composite systems but proven by psychological research to be cognitively difficult.


The holistic process used in EFIT6 corresponds much more closely to how human cognition and facial memory really works. The result is a system which produces high-quality, accurate images quickly and more easily. We confidently believe that EFIT6 is the world’s most effective facial composite software.


Announcing EFIT6 FACEbox

EFIT6 FACEbox is the complete face composite solution combining the EFIT6 software with high performance hardware and an exceptional support package into a single system.  It has never been easier to produce accurate and realistic facial composite images.


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See Visionmetric's Dr Chris Solomon speak on CNN


Composites increase the performance of identification from line ups. See http://www.jove.com/video/53298/holistic-facial-composite-creation-subsequent-video-line-up



Welcome to new EFIT6 customers

  • South Wales and Gwent
  • Northamptonshire 
  • Devon and Cornwall
  • The South African Police Service
  • Trading Standards Authority


We look forward to working with you all.


EFIT6 FaceBox from Visionmetric



  • Facial Identification Training 2019 Course: EFIT6, Canterbury, September 9th - 13th 2019