The E-FIT software suite is the most comprehensive, user-friendly and operationally effective facial compilation system currently available.  Extensive psychological studies show that eyewitnesses generally fall into two basic categories – those with good memory for the individual features of a suspect (feature-based) and those who retain a good memory for the face but struggle to recall and describe the individual features of the face (holistic facial memory). The E-FIT software suite comprises 3 powerful and complimentary components which enable operators to work effectively and quickly with all types of witness. The base software component in the suite is E-FIT and it is particularly appropriate and powerful for eyewitnesses with good recall for the individual facial features of the suspect. A second complimentary component, EFIT-V is especially powerful and suitable for the large number of eyewitnesses that retain a predominantly holistic memory of the offender’s facial appearance. The third component offered is 3D EFIT. This is a powerful and user-friendly tool which can create and animate a 3D model of the face and which may be used effectively with the output of either of the E-FIT and EFIT-V components allowing an even greater control over the composite granting witness’s side views of the suspect as well as the 2D front image.

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Announcing EFIT6 FACEbox

EFIT6 FACEbox is the complete face composite solution combining the EFIT6 software with high performance hardware and an exceptional support package into a single system.  It has never been easier to produce accurate and realistic facial composite images.


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EFIT6 FaceBox from Visionmetric



  • Facial Identification Training 2019 Course: EFIT6, Canterbury, September 9th - 13th 2019