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Understanding our conscious and sub-conscious responses to human facial appearance is vital in all aspects of communication and the huge human interest in faces and facial appearance hardly needs elaboration. So, if you need to communicate a particular message to your customers or you need to understand how a given sector of the public responds to facial appearance, VisionMetric can help. We can conduct rigorous scientific analysis on faces to help you to understand exactly what’s going on or to find you the face that fits your needs.


Here are just a few examples of projects we have carried out:


The Face Of Beauty


The Face of Beauty


To mark the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, Visionmetric conducted a study to explore and understand the male and female perceptions of male and female beauty. The research had two main strands. In the first part, a sample of 100 people created images of ideal facial beauty, both male and female using our EFIT-V facial composite software (most commonly used by the police to identify suspects). The images created were then rated by an independent group of observers. By combining the images with the assigned scores, it was possible to create 4 archetypal beautiful faces (males as seen by female, males as seen by males, females as seen by females and females as seen by males). The same essential process was then explored using celebrity faces widely accepted to be beautiful. The study revealed some interesting and subtle differences between the male and female perceptions of beauty. The image below shows the archetypal male and female beauty as perceived by a cross-section of the UK population.


Visionmetric were approached by Taylor Herring to conduct a study on behalf of their client Walt Disney to coincide with the release of the remastered version of the film “Beauty and the Beast”. The study explored the perception of facial beauty, seeking to understand whether there may be a mathematical/scientific basis and to describe it in qualitative terms.  Using EFIT-V, 100 participants were asked to create prototypical “beauties” and “beasts”. The images were subsequently processed to produce digitally averaged versions of the constructed beauties and this image was compared to a similar digital average calculated over the general population. In this way, the facial characteristics and features underpinning our perceptions of beauty were explored. Finally, the faces of some celebrities were compared to the idealized notion of beauty emerging from this study.

Examples of female "Beauties"

Examples of "Beasts"


CLIENT: COW PUBLIC RELATIONS.  Commissioned by COW Public Relations on behalf of their client, Visionmetric conducted a scientific study to reveal the public’s perceptions of what qualities make good business leadership in the current economic climate and of the face they associate with it. We polled a cross-section of the public to provide detailed character profiles of both male and female business leaders. Based on their responses to a large sample of real faces, we also calculated the corresponding, prototypical male and female business leaders.


CLIENT: TAYLOR HERRING.Commissioned by Taylor Herring on behalf of their client, Visionmetric conducted research to establish what precise aspects of human facial appearance we tend to associate with the quality of trustworthiness.  A cross-section of the public was quizzed on their perceptions of the trustworthiness of a training sample of images. By analysing the images and the responses of the public, we were able to extract the dominant, overall component in facial appearance that conveys trustworthiness. Images of the three main party political leaders were transformed to both increase and decrease the trustworthy component. The images were published in the majority of the U.K. national daily newspapers in November 2008. The example below shows the real Gordon Brown (centre) with untrustworthy (left) and trustworthy (right) transformations alongside.



CLIENT: SEATTLE EXHIBITION.We can age progress images using leading-edge methods developed by our team and reported in the scientific literature (Scandrett et. al. 2006, Gibson et al 2009). Unlike the vast majority of existing methods which rely on subjective interpretation, we produce highly realistic images that are progressed according to sound scientific principles and finished to the highest standards. The examples below were produced for the Seattle Exhibition of 2008.


Constructed by TV presenter Dawn Porter for the BBC programme “Dawn Gets Her Man”, the light-hearted rendition of Dawn’s “ideal man” was created using our EFIT-V software. EFIT-V is capable of producing an almost infinite variety of highly realistic faces.


Announcing EFIT6 FACEbox

EFIT6 FACEbox is the complete face composite solution combining the EFIT6 software with high performance hardware and an exceptional support package into a single system.  It has never been easier to produce accurate and realistic facial composite images.


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